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Giving You Comfort and Style, When You Need It The Most

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For Your Big Day

Comfort in your shoes is imperative for your big day. Popular services are Lower Heels, Shoe Stretching and Protection. Pop into the shop and talk to Pat about your needs and discuss your options.


For Their Big Day

It’s the little one’s big day and comfort is a must. Simple solutions like insoles or heel grips can made a big difference. Where needed, shoe stretching can be carried out also. Stop by the shop for a chat any day and discuss your options.

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For The Night Out On The Tiles

Whether it’s a birthday, engagement or you’re just celebrating the weekend, ensure you have the comfort you need to last the night in your shoes. Common repairs for maximum comfort are Lower Heels and Shoe Stretching.


Stay Polished Head To Toe

When you have a big day and your boots or shoes need to be shining, pop in for a Hand Polish service or pick up a Shoe Care Product to achieve that high shine finish.

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